Underwhelmed but not disgusted

In my last post I shared how excited I was to finally try some NYX products.  I read up on them in the Specktra forums, and today I treated myself to an eyeshadow trio.

NYX Eyeshadow Trio -- Tropical, Yellow, and Lime Green (TS10) <– NYX Eyeshadow Trio TS10 includes Tropical, Yellow, and Lime Green.  These are the types of colors I like: orange/corals, yellows, and livley greens.  In fact, in the pan, the colors in the trio look like three items I already own.

I tried them on using Vaseline as a base for the best color pay-off.  (I don’t ordinarily wear eyeshadow this way, but it’s good for trying on and for taking photos … with the digital camera that I do not have yet 🙂 .)  They were alright.  Definitely not earth shattering.  On my NC42-43 skin, the colors didn’t have much impact.  After applying them with a dry brush, I reapplied, using a damp brush.  That made all the difference.  The coral and green were strong, and the yellow finally showed up on me.  Satisfied, I removed the shadows and reapplied them wet using my usual MAC Bare Canvas paint as a base.  Apparently, the Vaseline makes a big difference, because the colors were much less vibrant without it.

Some users on Specktra said that NYX offered dupes (duplicates) in finish and color to some MAC products, but my limited experience doesn’t show that.  First of all, the NYX shadows seem very dry.  At least half of what I put on the brush dissipated into the air in a colorful poof.  NYX Lime Green is similar in the package to MAC Juxt, but Juxt has more gold.  On the face, Lime Green resembles MAC Overgrown more than Juxt.  NYX Yellow looks a lot like MAC Spring Up, although Spring Up is lighter in the pot.  Yellow doesn’t deposit as much color as Spring Up, even when applied wet.  I don’t have any corals from MAC, but NYX Tropical looks a lot like the lighter color in L’Oreal HIP’s Playful duo without the intense gold pearl.  But, as with the NYX-MAC comparisons, I prefer HIP’s texture and intensity.

The bottom line: NYX is okay for filling in some colors you don’t have in better brands or for buying when you’re out of town and need something in a pinch. 


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