Neutral Quest and Columbus-like ‘Discovery’

Here are my recent finds in the perpetual quest for a nude, my-lips-but-better lip color.

MAC Shitaki (lipstick)

I wear it alone or with MAC Chesnut or Cushy liner.

NYX Hot Fudge (Goddess of the Night lip gloss)

I will be wearing this one alone and also over Shitaki.  I can’t wait to see what else I can pair it with!

And now for the discovery of something that existed long before I knew or thought anything about it!  NYX cosmetics!  I’ve read of them on Specktra and seen them at Ulta for a while but didn’t really pay them any attention.  But today I was in Ulta and wanted to find something inexpensive but pretty to perk me up and there was this lovely Hot Fudge lip gloss!  It will go nicely with my MAC Shitaki lipstick for times when I want a little more shine.  It’s a very neutral medium brown with smooth gold pearl.  (It’s much less sparkly than it looks in the above picture.)  I was also interested in — but resisted purchasing — some of the eyeshadow trios.  I can’t wait until I have copious amounts of both time and money so that I can explore this brand more!


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