Maya’s Fall 2007 LookBook

Last night, for the first time since spring, I needed to sleep under the comforter. Fall is really coming. And fall doesn’t just mean going back to school or tromping across crisp fallen leaves. Fall means new fashions. So I want to share with you some of the looks that are inspiring my shopping (or, more likely, my fantasy shopping) this fall/winter.


I have been combing through mags (namely O, Marie Claire, Lucky, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar) for Fall 2007 looks. And this is my favorite one. I just love love love the wide leg pants that I’m seeing everywhere, and the casually loose shirt and sweater paradoxically make everything very chic, very I-just-threw-this-on-but-that’s-okay-because-every-piece-I-own-is-fabulous. Plus, I love the colors because they are very fall but not at all reminiscent of 1990s soccer mom seasonal theme dressing.

Pants are varied this season. And, while some skinny fits are still about, I prefer wide, straight legs this year (and pretty much every year). Here are some of the slimmer fits in that category:

There are flared legs:

And then there are the fancifully wide legged ones:


Unfortunately, I have not been as inspired by the skirt looks I’ve seen. But here are a few that gave me hope.


I love a good coat, and here are a couple for which I would love to find affordable alternatives.


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