Tell me: am I off base?

I was having dessert at The Cheesecake Factory tonight and I couldn’t help but notice young dating couples.  They were everywhere, but that wasn’t the strange thing.  The thing was that the young women were all dressed up: hair styled fresh for the evening, full makeup, dresses and skirts clearly designated for going out.  Even if they didn’t seem completely comfortable doing up, they had tried hard to dress for what they felt was a very sophisticated evening out.  The men, however, looked like they were going to a backyard barbecue. 

Since when are khaki shorts proper attire for a date?  I don’t care if you’re wearing a button-up shirt (apparently unironed, at that).  There’s not a single thing dressy about shorts.  Or khakis, for that matter. 

The thing about it that bugged me the most was that the difference in women’s and men’s dress seemed in every situation to speak to an imbalance in their perceptions of the relationship.  Maybe I’m reading too much into attire, but it seems too widespread now not to mean anything.  Are the majority of women simply more involved in the relationship than men?  Do men no longer think their appearance matters?  (It would be really sad if the generally held belief is that men are just fine as they come while women are not. )

Maybe I’m wrong and men’s clothing standards have just changed.   If they have, dammit, they ought to change back!  Someone, please give me hope that there are sharply dressed men out there who will be as willing as I to show some well-dressed enthusiasm!

By the way, can you tell that I love love love a man who puts some thought into his attire?


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