The Battle to Keep Skinny Pants Alive

I hear conflicting reports on whether skinny pants have enough life left in them to make it through Fall 2007, but the majority of sources seem to be making room in their hearts and closets for both wide-leg and skinny pants.  Personally, it’s a no-brainer.  I am not built for skinny pants.  But neither are a lot of people who wear them.

And this is where I’m torn, actually.  I’m all for wearing what you like and going with trends, if you so desire.  But I am also a staunch advocate of dressing for your body type – regardless of the whims of fashion.  So, should we pull the plug on skinny pants or continue to revive them simply because a fairly large portion of the American female pant-wearing population has embraced them and insists that it feels good in them? 

Okay, I’m sounding very judgmental about the skinny pants, and I don’t mean to. I should confess that I own some (boot cut, not tapered).  And I’m looking for some more to wear this fall with some short dresses I got over the summer (preferably boot cut, not tapered) and a fantastic tunic that I’ve had for about a year but never worn.  But I honestly don’t think I would wear them without something good and long over them.  (My legs would look like short inverted triangles, no matter how long the pants or how high the heels!)

I don’t know what the point of this post is, really … I want to be open to these pants.  I really do. 

Umm … So, let’s celebrate the life of skinny pants!  You can decide for yourself whether it’s a funeral or a birthday party, but let’s celebrate them!  Do you have any skinny pant stories you’d like to share?  Post them below!


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